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The Indigo Girls

Oh.. man ok I really need to update this website - but I don't think it's going to happen.. Their most recent album is not even Possidon and the Bitter Bug any more - though it's great.. the concert tour in 2010 was great...


It's no secret, my favourite singing group is "The Indigo Girls". An American duo hailing from Decatur, Georgia.

Despite Our DifferencesDespite Our Differences - I thought it was a bit slow when I was listening to it at home, and I had a hard time getting in to it. However, now that I've heard so many of the songs played live at various venues in the IG UK Tour Feb'07 - I have to say that they really are great songs! Little Perennials and Pendulum Swinger are pretty catchy tunes among others

RaritiesA prior album, "Rarities", is available in stores now It's a good album - I thought it would be a bit boring because I had most of the songs on bootleg already - but no, it's a great compilation of the more rare of the Indigo Girls' tunes - however I still think the 'Shed Your Skin Tom Morello remix' sounds a bit like the sound track for an adult movie.

Les Cowboys Fringants

La Grand Messe - Les Cowboys Fringants

My trip to Québec wasn't a complete waste of time, I found a new band I like. Les Cowbowys Fringants are a Québecois group that are quite popular right now. I like them because they have a very 'Canadian' feel to their music - I think they sound a lot like 'Great Big Sea' - except of course - they sing everything in French. My French is very bad, so I only vaguely get that most of their songs are quite political - It might be annoying if I actually understood the lyrics - but since I don't, I recommend them. .. oh and somebody sent me a link to their lyrics translated.. but honestly.. I prefer not to know ;-)