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If you're thinking about hiring me, you're at the wrong site - I recommend you go to (North of the River) - to see my design portfolio etc..

Most recent update - June 2010 - I update every year or so.. mostly removing stuff

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  • Nothing.. nothing is new.. we're coming up on 3 years now since i've updated this website. seriously.. why even bother coming here?

Spider Robinson's PodCast

I 'discovered' Spider's podcast in Feb 08 . Now you should too AND you should give him money.. I have NO DOUBT that any support sent his way is not only needed, and appreciated but will also result in more entertainment for us in the way of podcasts and future books.. - so stop reading this right now and send Spider Some money


Rest Peacefully Jeanne Buchi Eihei Robinson

Spider's best friend, co-author, wife of 35 years, and all-round-cool person, Jeanne Robinson left this party on May 30th having done battle with a rather nasty cancer. She was a modern dancer, choreographer, author, and Zen practitioner her presence will be missed in this world - Read more about Jeanne here

Chicken Out! Campaign Sign-up

Yes.. I support Hugh wasshisname's campaign to improve animal welfare.

I'm not against eating animals, but I think folks should be aware and informed about the conditions that their meals are raised in. Each of us bears the full responsibility of our actions - and when we choose to buy and eat animals that have been mistreated, we naturally inherit the results of those actions. More than that, we are directly responsible for the abuse.

Can't afford it? then eat less of it!

Ask yourself - would I support that kind of thing if it were being done to kittens?



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