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Lana left this comment on 09/05/2016 4:20:40 AM

oh ! it does! amazing ! I will re-do my home page. or maybe I should mix it in with yeah.. probably better


Lana left this comment on 09/05/2016 4:19:43 AM

um... you know it's been 4 years since I've touched my website, I don't even know if this works


ella berrington left this comment on 04/03/2012 1:16:00 AM

help!i am not able to sign in to access my e-mail.did not bring correct user name.we have phone.#is 808-441-6872.hugs mum


Joey Lindstrom left this comment on 27/02/2012 12:53:50 AM

This is a test. This is only a test.


John Hanley left this comment on 02/11/2009 4:44:40 AM

Hi thre, did you get to tape any of the recent shows. I'm esp looking for Glasgow... any help appreciated..


lana left this comment on 28/10/2009 6:49:37 AM

hey Andy, found the pink/indigo girls version


Andy Bland left this comment on 28/08/2009 4:24:14 PM

Hi Lana,

Hope you've got your tickets for the October gigs!

Just wondering if you could help me find a video clip I've seen of the Indigo Girls with Pink.

There was a great video of an accoustic version of "Mr President" on You Tube but it has been deleted. A small clip of the performance appears in an interview with pink on her "I'm not dead" DVD. The interview is also on You tube

Think I've got every Pink and Indigo Girls DVD but still can't find it anywhere.

Can you or anybody out there help?


Lana Responds: Hi Andy! yeah check this out: Songza has lots listed if you do a search .. But funny.. No videos - there are lots on there with videos that CLAIM to be the IG's.. But you'll see that actually, there are others doing back up - not the IG's
The ones that ARE the Indigo Girls - have no accompanying video.. strange!
-- oh.. and YES.. I do indeed have my tix for October! London and Brighton only this year for me! whooo hoo!


Codelz left this comment on 26/01/2007 8:56:58 PM

hey you were wondering you the man in the graffiti was u thought he was the cuban revolutionary "che guevara" the guy there is a mexican revolutionary named Emiliano Zapata


Melissa left this comment on 14/01/2007 8:15:46 PM

HI! I am trying to get a copy of "Melissa" off the Shades of Indigo album. I do not have anything to trade, but would pay a reasonable amount for this song by these awesome artist. If not possible - no problem - good luck building your collection and loving the I Girls!

Lana Responds: Hi there -- Nope sorry, I wouldn't dream of trying to sell a bootleg. but since it's only one song you want, I'll email it to you if you like. I have it in MP3 :-)


Jaime left this comment on 25/09/2006 9:47:22 PM

I have been searching for the Blue Food album forever and I see that you have it, but I really dont have anything to trade you at this point. Please let me know if there is anyway I can get a copy of it.

Lana Responds: Hi Jamie.. if you email me with your home address, I'll email you with mine, and I'll trade you a blank disk for one with blue food on it


Sue Gerritsen left this comment on 31/08/2006 1:44:24 PM

Hi! I am glad I came across your site. It has been years since Hector, but I still have so many find memories! I hope you are well. If you are ever up for coffee, let me know! sue


st├ęphane left this comment on 04/08/2006 5:49:15 PM


i'm glad that you like "La Grand Messe" from the Cowboys fringants,if you want the lyrics in english of that album here is the link

Lana Responds: Thanks St├ęphane! I really love that link, I had no idea how funny some of those songs were - like Camping St. Germain..


WILL BERRINGTON left this comment on 07/06/2006 12:46:34 AM

himy names berringtonand i searched it ontheinternet i didn't think there were manyothersblessed with the odd name


Metropolitan Commissioner of Poilce left this comment on 10/03/2006 2:48:59 AM

RE Witness appeal gallery - we have a kidnap and a rape one in Kingsway - interested?

LOL :-)

Lana Responds: Hey Colin, Jez says get back to work! Mike says stop surfing the net on company time. And I say, what are you doing kidnapping, and propably pillaging in kingsway anyway.. huh? :-)


Paul Buller left this comment on 01/06/2005 9:23:39 AM

What's with the funny date format?

Lana Responds: it can't be helped i'm afraid, I get the date from the server, and the server is in North America :-( - the Canadian way is YYYY/MM/DD but the yankee way is MM/DD/YYYY .. which is quite confusing when here we go DD/MM/YYYY


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